We’d love to make a meaningful connection with you and your brand, so we’re offering our time to do an audit of your brand free of charge. It gives you an independent, unbiased assessment of where your brand is, as well as a chance to see first hand how we work … and how we could work together. Win : win.

First you’ll have a 30 minute Zoom session with our Strategy & Creative Director, Adam Coutts, who’ll lead a discussion about your business and more specifically, your brand.

He’ll chat about where your brand sits in the market, its customers, its competitors, its strengths, weaknesses and pain points, its inward and outward communications and its vision for the future.

After that discussion we’ll get to work on a full audit of your brand. This usually involves around 10-12 hours of our time.

We’ll then come back to you with an independent audit of your brand including:

✔︎ Where it really sits in the minds of your customers … and non-customers

✔︎ Where the marketing, branding and communications alignments and misalignments are with your current brand positioning

✔︎ Where the potential brand gaps are in the market that could accelerate growth and revenue

Complete, click send and we’ll be in touch to set up your session